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Which System Do I Need?

This is a tough question to answer since there isn’t one specific Lagun Table Leg system for every scenario or each specific model of RV/Van/Boat.  The most important thing is bracket placement, as the system is only as stable as the bracket installation.  Deciding which leg style to use depends on where you mount the bracket.  Leg style selection plus picking the right height to install the bracket is crucial for how the Lagun Table Leg system will function for your specific situation.  The right system is the one that will function to provide you the best overall experience.

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USPS PO BOXES / Post Office General Delivery will not be accepted for shipping address.  Providing one will delay order processing.  If a physical address is not available, a FedEx OnSite pickup location may be used.

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CAUTION!!  The "Original Lagun" is NOT sold on Amazon.  Similar items sold on Amazon are poor quality, painted Chinese knockoffs that do not function well and are NOT compatible with "Original Lagun" parts.