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Which Lagun Table Leg System should I purchase?

Answer: Please see Which System do I need?


Where should I install the Lagun Table Leg System?

Answer: Placement of the bracket is very important as the Lagun Table Leg System requires a solid foundation.  The bracket must be installed on a solid vertical surface.  Attaching it to only a piece of paneling or fiberglass is not adequate.

Can I use my Lagun in more than one location?

Answer: Yes. You can purchase additional brackets to be able to move your Lagun to another location. By installing an additional bracket on the outside of your camper, in your boat or at the end of your countertop, you can utilize the system in many ways.

Does the Lagun Table Leg include a table top?

Answer: No, it does not.  Most people are able to reuse their existing table top. 

What is the maximum amount of weight my Lagun Table Leg will support?

Answer: 50 lbs.  This includes the table top and anything you put on top of it.  CAUTION: Leaning  or excessive pushing on the table top can damage parts of the Lagun Table Leg.

Will I still be able to convert my dinette into a bed?

Answer: Yes!

  • Loosen the handle on the leg & remove the Lagun Table Leg from the permanently installed bracket
  • Flip your table top onto a protected flat surface
  • Loosen the handle that links the arm & leg
  • Remove the leg from the arm
  • Slide the leg onto the table mounting plate to store under your table top
  • Make sure all handles are secured & positioned appropriately. 

What is your return policy?

Answer: With prior authorization and as long as the items are in resalable condition, returns are allowed within 30 days from date of purchase.  There is a 15% restocking fee and we do not refund freight charges. You will be responsible for the shipping charges to return your items to Lagun USA.