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How to choose which Lagun options to select?

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Which Lagun Table Leg System Do I Need?

Answer: This is a tough question to answer as there isn’t one specific Lagun Table Leg system for every scenario or each specific model of RV/Van/Boat.  The most important thing is bracket placement, as the system is only as stable as the bracket installation.  You want to make sure you chose a solid vertical surface.  A piece of fiberglass or paneling would not suffice.  We are not able to recommend bracket placement or system recommendation, as we do not know structure/reinforcement areas in every van/RV.
Deciding which leg style to use depends on where you plan to install the bracket.  Leg style selection plus picking the right height to install the bracket is crucial for how the Lagun Table Leg system will function for your specific situation.  The right system is the one that will function to provide you the best overall experience.

Which System Do I Need Document? CLICK HERE TO OPEN

  • Includes bracket placement tips.
  • Includes adjustment specifications.
  • Includes tips for leg handle selection (Right Hand or Left Hand option). PHOTO


"Lagun Table Leg System: What Are My Options?"

"Which Lagun Table Leg System Do I Need?"

"Which Lagun Leg Style is Best for My Application?"

What is the difference between the Sliver Bracket & Standard Bracket?

Answer: The Sliver Bracket may be preferred for a smaller installation area or for aesthetic purposes, as it’s “invisible” behind the leg for a cleaner look.

Click here for more information on the bracket types.

Regardless of which bracket is selected, the Lagun Table Leg system can support up to 50 lbs (40 lbs if using Folding Table Mounting Plate).  The bracket needs to be installed on a solid vertical surface, as the system is only as solid as the bracket installation.  All bolt holes should be utilized.  

Why is there a choice between Right Hand and Left Hand leg handle position?

Answer:  Some customers find that they have limited space when installing their Lagun system and may need the leg handle on a specific side. There is no difference in the functionality of the system between the two options.  This option pertains to the leg (vertical piece) only.

This decision has nothing to do with which side of your RV or boat you are mounting the bracket. When making this choice, face the location you want to install the Lagun Table Leg System and factor whether vertical adjustments can be made without encountering obstacles in your RV or boat, that could potentially break the handle.  Please see PHOTO for reference.

What is a Factory Second (2nd)?

Answer:  A factory 2nd is new with cosmetic scratches and blemishes. These will not affect the function of the system.  With a Factory 2nd Leg, you will NOT be given the option to choose the leg handle position.  Click HERE for more information.