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Longer Leg Lagun Table System

Lagun USA | Write a Review

*SPECIALTY LEG - SEE DETAILS BELOW* Same amount of vertical adjustment range as Standard Leg with 8" more overall height.

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Details & Specifications for Longer Leg Lagun Table System

When determining whether or not you need the extra 8" heightdon't forget to take into consideration the height off the floor the bracket will be mounted.  This distance will increase the overall height of the system.

Longer Leg Lagun Table System Specifications:

See Which System do I need? for additional details, including bracket placement tips, adjustment range specifications, & tips for handle position selection.

  • Total maximum weight is 50 lbs (includes the tabletop and anything placed on top)
  • Maximum tabletop size is 30" X 40" (you may be able to re-use your existing tabletop)
  • From the bottom of the leg to the top of the table mounting plate is 31"
  • The leg has 11 1/2" of slotted groove area to allow for vertical adjustment (same as the standard leg)
  • The bracket must be within the slotted groove portion of the leg.

Longer Leg Lagun Table System Features (more height):

  • Specialty Leg Common Applications (not limited to):
    • Countertop Height
    • Standing Desk
    • Mounting near Van Entry / Step / Below Floor Level
  • Adds 8" more height vs. the standard leg system (does not change vertical adjustment range)
  • Eliminates a frustrating wobbly table
  • Swivels 360 degrees on two points
  • Rotates where you want it or out of the way
  • Disassembles for easy storage
  • Salt water can't harm the Lagun
  • Move your table to additional locations in seconds by adding another bracket
  • Replacement parts available to keep your Lagun working for years
  • Rotating handles are quick and easy to use
  • Locks in whatever position you choose
  • Increase leg room by removing floor mounted table leg system
  • Sleek Modern design and function

Eliminate your wobbly table with the ultimate table leg to improve your existing Van, Pontoon, Truck Camper, Travel Trailer, Teardrop, or Motorhome! The Lagun Table System is rock solid & easily locks in place by turning the handles and is ready for use or travel. The Lagun adjusts vertically on the bracket so you can get the height right where you want it. Prepare a meal, keep up with friends or answer e-mails all at your table.  The Lagun quickly and easily will swing out of the way to create more floor space.

Now you never have to worry about putting the table away before cruising across the lake or traveling off grid or on rough terrain. The Lagun will stay where you lock it into place. Use your current tabletop and the Lagun assembles easily within minutes.  Stabilize your active lifestyle with a Lagun Table System!

Please Note:

Tabletop: Not included.  You may be able to re-use your existing tabletop if it is within the dimension guidelines.  

Customization: We do not have the ability to customize the Lagun Table Leg System beyond our current options.  We also do not have any variations of any of the parts & accessories listed on our website.

Modifications: Should you choose to modify any part of the Lagun Table Leg System or its installation, it will void your warranty.

Compatibility: The Lagun Table Leg System is NOT compatible with the round tube style table leg, as the system is only as strong as the bracket installation.

Longer Leg Lagun Table System Includes:

See Parts & Accessories Tab for measurements of individual parts.

  • Arm
    • Comes complete with 2 bushings, 2 end caps and 2 handles (plastic w/ ss insert) installed.
    • 2 Arm End Caps come installed
  • Longer Leg (handle position choice: right hand or left hand) Click For Photo (8" longer than the standard leg, same vertical adjustment range)
    • Comes complete with tap and handle (plastic w/ ss insert) installed.
    • Leg End Cap not included
  • Table Mounting Plate (TMP)
    • 9 7/16” x 7 7/8” 
      • DISCONTINUED SIZE: 11 13/16” x 7 7/8”
    • Comes complete with tap installed.
    • TMP End Caps not included.
  • Bracket Option (Select One)
  • OPTIONAL Cap Kit
    • Includes 1 Leg End Cap & 2 TMP End Caps
      • Arm comes complete with 2 arm end caps installed.
      • Extra end caps can be purchased individually under the Parts & Accessories Tab

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